Performances for Conferences

Why rely on a traditional format of keynote speaker and Power Point presentation when you could have a dynamic, bespoke, theatre performance designed to instantly engage your audience and provoke interaction, discussion and debate?


Designed in consultation with the commissioning agency, performances are created to closely mirror experiences that audiences may face in their professional roles.

Discussion time is built into the structure of performances and can focus on exploring the on-stage character’s thoughts and feelings, giving advice to those characters and exploring the particular needs of client groups, individuals or the agency / agencies as a whole.


Benefits of a Geese Theatre Company performance at a conference:

  • Brings to life theory, research or agency procedure
  • Fictional characters and narratives can illustrate the relationship between theory and practice and explore the implications for 'real people'
  • Audiences are engaged on an emotional, as well as cognitive, level and spurred into active discussion and debate
  • Create a dynamic atmosphere at your event – people will be talking, engaged in the issues, and provoked into action

Recent themes include:

  • Violence reduction and safer custody
  • The importance of effective professional supervision
  • Early childhood trauma and attachment
  • Safeguarding children
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • Links between domestic abuse and substance misuse
  • Impact of parental mental health on children and young people
  • Looked After Children and educational attainment
  • Hate crime

Every year we tend to deliver at approximately 50 conferences. We would generally consider commissions to deliver performances from a wide range of social welfare agencies, including probation, prison, education, health, VCS, adult and children’s social care, military welfare and Safeguarding Boards.