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Fear of Flying

a tale of three recoveries

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A theatre performance designed with and for drug and alcohol recovery communities.

Rigorously researched with West Midlands recovery agencies, Fear of Flying explores the journey from addict to recovery, as we see the challenges and achievements of three contrasting stories through the rich metaphorical world of flight.

This multi-faceted piece allows audiences of service users and staff in substance misuse recovery agencies to explore the characters’ motivations to use drugs and alcohol, how they deal with their struggles to get clean and stay clean and how recovery services and family and friends support them through that journey.

The use of metaphor, humour and interaction allows audience members to connect with these journeys in a way that is unusual, thought provoking and ultimately empowering.

  • You’re on point…I cannot praise you all enough.

    – Audience member in recovery
  • The performances are very useful and I do believe they help people. They certainly help me.

    – Audience member in recovery
  • I work with people in recovery and this performance has given me an insight into scenarios and feelings that my clients might feel.

    – Audience member – recovery agency professional
  • The actors were brilliant. I related to all three of the main characters. It was a nice change to our usual routine and an experience I will remember.

    – Audience member in recovery
  • This performance was absolutely brilliant – all 4 actors were exceptional, seamlessly changing between characters and storylines.

    – Audience member in recovery
  • Brilliant production tackling difficult themes with sensitivity and humour.

    – Audience member in recovery

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