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Mask is one of the central metaphors in our work and we use both full-faced and half masks.

Half masks

We talk about mask as the ‘front’ we portray to the outside world. We all have many different masks – for when we are at work, when we are in public, when we are at a social function or a job interview.

Practitioner, Daniel, with his mask lifted while practitioner, Dave, is the fool in the foreground

When a character is asked to ‘lift their mask‘ they are revealing the hidden thoughts, feelings, attitudes or beliefs that might lie behind the front they habitually show to the outside world.


Exploring the nature and function of different masks is a keystone of our performances and groupwork. For example, if a participant identifies a mask which they revert to when they feel unsafe, we can explore why that is, what impact it has on self and others and what alternative strategies might be more effective.

Three actors wearing and holding the fragment masks

We have become well-known for a specific set of eight masks we call Fragment Masks. These masks represent self-protection strategies, coping masks which aid self-protection.

  • “The masks were incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

    – Participant
  • “It was all about the masks we wear – we don’t realise we’re doing it – we’re covering ourselves and protecting ourselves – saying that we’re braver than we are and hiding away. But the Geese masks helped me see my own thoughts and weaknesses…”

    – Participant

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