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Reducing Parental Conflict Reducing Parental Conflict

Conflict Zone

Interactive performance exploring Reducing Parental Conflict.

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This interactive performance was designed for social care, health, mental health and education professionals, police and others who work with children. It followed two fictional families and explored some of the issues which exacerbate parental conflict (financial worries, unemployment, COVID 19) and the differences between parental conflict and domestic abuse.

Daniel gathering feedback from audience members

The two contrasting stories powerfully depicted the effects of destructive conflict on children, whether parents are living together or apart.

The piece asked the audience to consider how professionals can help parents understand their children’s needs and manage conflict constructively. The piece was performed eight times during April /May 2022

Commissioned by

Birmingham Children’s Trust (and funded by DWP)

  • “I thought the session was brilliant. It was hard hitting and dynamic but had just enough humour. The actors must have had a good knowledge of the subject matter as it was so well put together and delivered the message perfectly and also thought provoking. I could really feel the experiences of the children. The performances were exceptional.”

    – Audience member
  • “Very powerful training, which will have had an impact on all the professionals attending; a really creative way of putting this across and good to challenge social care professionals about the ‘masks’ we all wear and the importance of being real and transparent.”

    – Audience member
  • “Innovative, different, fresh and informative. Loved that the fourth wall was removed and audience were able to get involved.”

    – Audience member

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