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Exploration of substance misuse in prison settings.

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Used is a half-day groupwork input aimed at men or women in prison settings who are already engaged in work on their own drug or alcohol use and have some motivation to change.

Andy in frag mask

It includes experiential exercises to explore triggers to relapse, links between substance misuse and offending and motivation to change and is centred round our iconic ‘fragment masks’.

Participants are involved in a live, interactive demonstration of these masks and discussion around how they function as potential justifications for ‘using’ and therefore barriers to change. They are then asked to identify the masks which they may need to be aware of in their on-going recovery and encouraged to explore useful alternative strategies.

  • “I will remember this for my life inside and out.”

    – Participant
  • “It opened my eyes about my own behaviour.”

    – Participant
  • “A really positive, enjoyable and thought-provoking workshop.”

    – Participant
  • “Very enjoyable and up-lifting, I recommend this to all prisoners.”

    – Participant
  • “I thought it should be made as part of Induction. I learnt more about myself than in any course in prison.”

    – Participant
  • “I recognised myself and the mask I wear. Now I understand why I need to lower the mask and allow others to see the real me.”

    – Participant
  • “It has provided insight into my life and why I have ended up here. Well-presented, well-explained. Everyone was happy to interact.”

    – Participant

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