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Practitioners Daniel with his mask lifted Practitioner Daniel with his mask lifted


A performance and groupwork input for male prisoners exploring debt.

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We were originally commissioned by HMP Featherstone to create a performance for a prisoner audience, tackling the specific issue of prison debt.  This is informal debt where prisoners ‘lend’ each other items, such as tobacco or food and they are charged interest or ‘double bubble’ which often spirals out of control, resulting in intimidation and violence.  

Daniel with mask lifted

This interactive and highly engaging performance explores some of the reasons for, and consequences of, getting into debt and allows audience members to advise the characters directly.

We were successful in securing further funding from The MSE Charity to develop a workshop to accompany the performance exploring the specific issues raised with a smaller group of men. 

  • “It made me think how easy it is to return to jail over money issues and has made me want to do more courses to better myself and help me get employment on release.”

    – Audience member
  • “It made me look at myself and own re-offence.”

    – Audience member
  • “I think the charity is amazing the concepts are unique like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”

    – Audience member

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