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Creative Prison Project Creative Prison Project

Prison Creative Project

Creative projects in custodial settings.

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These creative projects, usually delivered with up to 10 participants, use techniques similar to those used in our groupwork programmes. Thematically, they can focus on topics which the group feel are important to them or a specific topic can be threaded through the process. Themes can be aligned to some aspect of offending behaviour for example, allowing participants not only to participate in a creative process, but to consider their choices and motivations to change. 

Creative Prison Project

All participants have the opportunity to contribute ideas and opinions and to perform in the finished piece and involvement in this creative process has a lasting impact. 

The piece they devise is generally performed to other prisoners and staff, and sometimes visitors. These events can bring the prison together as audience members are encouraged to see their own lives and behaviour reflected in the performance and staff members’ perceptions of participants are often challenged. These public celebrations of the groups’ creativity and acknowledgement of their achievement can have a tangible impact on the way individuals are viewed and treated.

In 2018 and 2019 AB Charitable Trust funded Creative Projects in HMPs Dovegate, Foston Hall, Manchester, Gartree, Oakwood and HMP/YOI Swinfen Hall. We have delivered creative projects across the UK, including HMP Stafford and HMP Hewell, and developed themed creative projects in numerous other prisons.

  • “Working with Geese was really a unique and rewarding experience which I am now pleased I did. I would definitely recommend this to other prisoners.”

    – Participant
  • “The project made me have a good look at myself and the masks I’ve been wearing all my life. I’m just so happy I did this and didn’t give up and kept on pushing on and also happy with the end result. (Geese staff) helped to bring the group together and help bring the story to life and made us all a part of it and help bring out our confidence.”

    – Participant
  • “Thank you I have not felt like a normal person for over 12 years. They made me feel like I was their friend and not an inmate.”

    – Participant
  • “It made me more confident and believe in myself. I really enjoyed this and believe many people will benefit from stuff like this.”

    – Participant
  • “Geese provides an excellent service. The practitioners are approachable and genuine. They allow prisoners to explore their behaviour through creative means.”

    – Staff member
  • “I was really impressed with the performance – it was creative and gave power and responsibility to participants.”

    – Staff member
  • “Lots of ideas came out of the activities used with the group. It allowed the learners to reflect on their experiences in prison and use this in the scenes.”

    – Staff member
  • “I was surprised how well the prisoners took to the programme. I noticed a huge difference in their attitude and they worked well as a team. The staff loved the performance and were impressed with the results.”

    – Staff member

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