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A performance about domestic abuse.

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Stay is a powerful examination of domestic abuse. It depicts the collapse of a couple’s relationship in the face of the man’s controlling behaviour, emotional abuse and physical violence. The performance aims to provide a challenging insight into one man’s cycle of abuse, the attitudes and beliefs which support it and the impact these have on women and children. 

Stay Project

Stay was rigorously researched and uses the Duluth Model of Power and Control as a framework for the performance. It was initially developed and performed for perpetrators of domestic abuse as part of probation groupwork programmes. It is now regularly used as part of training for professionals to increase their understanding about the ways in which abuse is perpetrated and the impact on victims and families.

Over the years Stay has been seen by prison and probation staff, police officers, magistrates, health, education and social care professionals, and staff and volunteers from third sector support services. We have also made adaptations for British forces personnel which explore some of the specific issues around domestic abuse within military families and for Family Law Judges exploring child contact issues when there are allegations of domestic abuse. 

Stay is available for staff training or can be booked for perpetrator groups as part of a wider intervention.

  • “Powerful, dynamic, honest. It made me re-think my approach to cases involving domestic violence.”

    – Audience member
  • “This was the first time that I had seen Geese perform. I found it intense and disturbing and involving. It manages to raise a lot of issues in a short time.”

    – Audience member
  • “I would not hesitate to recommend Geese Theatre Company and the service that they provide. Their production of Stay had a massive impact on the conference audience. I don’t believe any other method of delivery could have achieved the impact that it had.”

    – Commissioner

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