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Look Beyond

Group work with people with personality disorders

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We have worked with adults with personality disorders in a variety of settings ranging from PIPE Units in prisons, special hospitals and approved premises, secure forensic mental health units and with specialist interventions in the community (often through the OPD Pathway and often with individuals who have committed particular offences e.g. sexual offences).

Look Beyond

This may involve work on particular behaviours or may focus on themes such as re-integration into the community, managing emotions, empathic communication, goal setting etc.

We collaborate closely with clinical and therapeutic staff from our partner agencies to ensure the appropriateness and safety of our inputs and we pride ourselves on being able to engage individuals who have previously been considered unable to function in a group setting

  • “Thank you for helping me and teaching me about myself.”

    – Participant
  • “I would seriously recommend Geese to people who struggle to control their emotions.”

    – Participant
  • “It got me thinking about things I would have usually dismissed.”

    – Participant
  • “Speaking to the guys separately, they have each said that this is something that they have been needing in order to ‘wake them up’.”

    – Staff member
  • “One participant has spoken a fair amount since about the character we created and has made parallels with his own narrative and experiences.”

    – Staff member
  • “We found the quality to be outstanding. I think each attendee felt valued, and part of something. They were able to explore issues relevant to their own situations, and have an outlet for some difficult emotions through the character the created.”

    – Staff member

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