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Staging Recovery

Our community ensemble for people in recovery

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From its inception in 2015, the Staging Recovery ensemble has developed into a group of highly creative and supportive individuals, coming together around three times a year to co-create performances with Geese practitioners, leading on theme, story, script and direction.

The ensemble is for people in recovery from a range of issues, including substance misuse, mental ill-health and homelessness.

Staging Recovery

The ensemble has performed as part of numerous conferences and festivals, as well as presenting their performances regularly at arts venues and in community spaces.

They have worked with Birmingham Royal Ballet and Fallen Angels Dance and created pieces for International Overdose Awareness Day and HMPPS Insights Festival.

We accept referrals from support agencies for individuals in a stable place on their recovery journey. They then attend a short foundation course, and if assessed as suitable, can then join the ensemble. Please note that we are currently closed for referrals. This page is updated regularly, so please check back for updates.

Art of Recovery at the mac
Art of Recovery Symposium – mac Birmingham, 2018
Performance image of Evolution of Self at Birmingham REP
Evolution of Self – Birmingham REP, 2015
Stages of Recovery performance at Moseley Hive
Stages of Recovery – Moseley Hive Birmingham, 2021
Art of Recovery symposium, mac Birmingham
Art of Recovery Symposium, mac Birmingham, 2018
Acts of Recovery, Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham
Acts of Recovery – Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham, 2018
Switched On, Patrick Centre, Birmingham Hippodrome
Switched On – Patrick Centre, Birmingham Hippodrome, 2019

As mentioned above, Staging Recovery were invited to contribute to a film being created as part of International Overdose Awareness Day. The film, which brings together several arts and recovery organisations, can be seen here:

Funded by

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (2015-17), Paul Hamlyn Foundation (2017-2020) and The Backstage Trust (2020- )

  • “You can just be whoever you want. You can be as stupid as you want. You can be as serious as you want. It doesn’t matter. You can be you”

    – Ensemble member
  • “Someone actually thinks you’re good at something… Geese, it is a good confidence builder, it’s absolutely amazing.”

    – Staging Recovery Ensemble member
  • “This performance made me feel reassured that there is creative work happening with non-mainstream community groups and I think people expressing themselves through theatre is necessary.”

    – Audience member
  • “It’s nice belonging to a group… having that ‘belonging’ feeling… it’s like a little family group.”

    – Staging Recovery Ensemble member
  • “It felt like a really honest performance that came from a very true place – wonderfully poignant.”

    – Audience member
  • “The Geese practitioners are lovely people… there is a trust element… they don’t cast any doubts over anything you are doing.”

    – Staging Recovery Ensemble member
  • “As a person studying applied theatre, it’s work like this that inspires me and gives me passion for the work. Thank you for sharing wonderful work.”

    – Audience member
  • “This is what I’ve had to look forward to and has helped me with my recovery. I’ve met some amazing people and feel confident. I don’t feel trapped anymore, I feel positive. Instead of feeling nervous, embarrassed and scared I wake up happy. “

    – Staging Recovery Ensemble member

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