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Performance of Inside Out Performance of Inside Out
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Inside Out

A performance for professional audiences exploring the impact of parental imprisonment on families.

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The piece follows the experiences of two families with a parent in prison and the interactions they have with professionals they come into contact with (Police, Early Help, school staff etc).

Practitioners Liz and Daniel mid-performance

15 year-old Logan struggles with conflicting feelings about his father who can be violent in the home but whom he misses. 12 year-old Abi experiences being searched at the prison gate, the loneliness of the visit’s hall and the attitude of her peers. Primary-aged Calvin and Mia try to come to terms with their mother’s sudden disappearance from their lives while their grandparents become carers overnight and have to navigate a whole new world of criminal justice while trying to protect their grandchildren.

This emotive piece gives audience members the opportunity to discuss how they can best support families like these.

Commissioned by

Leicestershire Supporting Families, a working group from local Violence Reduction Network, Police, Probation, Education and local authority.

  • “Working with Geese has been great. They took time to understand what we needed and I was consulted along the way to ensure the performance would deliver what was needed. I really like the attention to detail e.g. weaving local names of services and checking whether procedural depictions were correct.”

    – Commissioner
  • “It was fabulous. The different teaching style, the drama, the real experience. Thank you!”

    – Audience member
  • “Incredible training. Very thought provoking. Thank you!”

    – Audience member
  • “What an amazing and innovative idea. I’ve been on so may training days and this will stick out from those for such a long while to come! I got to feel and see exactly how things we can’t imagine look behind closed doors BRILLIANT IDEA!!!!!! In a time in history where we are all so visual this hit the nail on the head.”

    – Audience member
  • “I loved the format with the fool stopping time and engaging with the characters to draw out what they were really thinking – so clever! I came away with ideas about the next steps for our project and EVERYBODY I have spoken to who attended has raved about it.”

    – Commissioner

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