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Insult to Injury

A groupwork project for men or women who struggle with anger, aggression and violence.

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This 5 to 10 day project is designed to explore anger-based violence with adult men or women in prison settings. Geese practitioners use theatre-based methods underpinned by cognitive behavioural models to explore aggressive and violent behaviour and the immediate internal processes (beliefs, thoughts, feelings) which effect behaviour. 

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They also explore some of the more profound internal mechanisms which can fuel aggression including:

– Gender
– Pride and shame
– Power and control

The project gives participants the opportunity to explore the consequences of violence (for self and others) and to practice anger-management techniques and other alternative strategies to deal with high-risk situations. While theatre and drama-based techniques bring emotive scenarios to life in a powerful way to allow for meaningful skills practice, the structures used to frame these, prioritise safety and containment. 

  • “Would do it every day…wish it was available before jail.”

    – Participant
  • “The most memorable thing I’ve undertaken in my 2 1/2 years inside.”

    – Participant

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