The Other Side of the Wall - Three-day course

The Other Side of the Wall (TOSOW) is a three-day course which invites you to explore and practise a variety of theatre and drama-based methods for use in group work.

“I feel confident because of the time spent practising – will definitely recommend to others.” 

TOSOW focuses on some of the basic principles behind Geese's use of drama with people in prison and community settings, offering you effective and widely applicable techniques in order to:

  • Cross over the ‘wall’ and explore participants' experience of the world.
  • Assist group participants in identifying patterns of behaviour and exploring new strategies for change.
  • Identify and assist in the development of interpersonal skills.
  • Create an environment where safe and relevant experiential learning can take place.

You'll have an opportunity to learn and practice:

  • How to conduct active exercises which can help to build group cohesion and raise discussion around key issues of offending behaviour.
  • How to facilitate the creation of images and simple theatre performances which can be used to examine thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
  • How to use exercises and scene work to facilitate skills training related to themes such as: victim awareness, conflict resolution and problem solving.
  • Rapport building including; basic questioning techniques, encouraging participation and working with resistance.

We limit the number of participants to ten per course so that everyone has the opportunity to try the techniques they have been exploring and to practise integrating them into their own skills base.

No previous drama or theatre experience is necessary, however a willingness to actively explore new methods of working is an essential requirement.

Next course: dates TBC

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