Becky’s Story

My life changed at the age of 6 years when I was kidnapped at knife point and sexually abused. I didn’t know what had happened but I knew it wasn’t right.

From then, I didn’t feel safe and I used to scream and go hysterical lashing out in anger.  Over the years I was sent to psychologists, counselling, psychiatrists and I was even sent to a special boarding school for five and a half years, which I thought was a prison.

Years went on and I started to have trouble with relationships, making friends and even getting on with my own family was hard.  I used to fight all the time, started drinking and taking drugs, which made things worse, and I would get in to trouble with the police.

Nobody understood how I felt, I needed help but nobody knew how to help.  I tried everything and I was still the same - I hated my life and myself and was just existing.

I broke up with my husband after being with him 15 years and my life just went from bad to worse, and I ended up getting in to serious trouble and put on probation for a long time.  During this time I attended lots of courses put on by probation and then I went on the Geese course and this changed my life.

It stopped me in my tracks. WOW this was so powerful!  I got it straight away, I’m in my 40’s and nothing has ever changed me before but this was amazing. I actually cried, I learned so much from the course about myself, my feelings and actions.

This saved my life.

I am employed now by a social enterprise, working alongside probation and I love it. I’m a support worker delivering programmes in the Criminal Justice System all over the country.

This has given me a new life and I’m forever thankful to Geese Theatre Company.

Becky took part in a Geese Theatre Company groupwork programme in 2011