A couple move into a new home with their child. We are witness to the collapse of their relationship in the face of the man’s controlling behaviour, emotional abuse and physical violence. Stay provides a challenging insight into one man’s cycle of abuse, the attitudes and beliefs which support it and the impact his behaviours have on his partner and child.

Rigorously researched, Geese Theatre Company initially developed Stay as a performance for domestic violence perpetrators on accredited probation groupwork programmes. The play is now 18 years old and, in that time, has been performed to over 150,000 people, including prison and probation staff, police officers, judges, magistrates, health, education and social care professionals, staff and volunteers from third sector support services and British Forces personnel.

During the course of the performance the man engages periodically with the audience, attempting to justify his actions. The discrepancy between his version of events and the manipulative strategies he employs against his partner become increasingly evident. At the end, the audience is called on directly to advise him on how he can take responsibility for his actions and how he might change. The performance aims to provide a challenging insight into the cycle of abuse, the attitudes and beliefs which support it and the impact of these on women and children

“Group members fed back that they felt this should be compulsory viewing for all, so that people could understand the problem of domestic abuse. An outstanding piece of thought-provoking theatre which raised as many questions as it gave answers.” Psychologist, HMP Kingston  

“I was totally knocked out by the scenes unravelling before me, so powerful in fact that by the time I got home I was in tears… Thank you for such a thought provoking performance and long may you continue to provide such high quality service.” Group member on watching Stay as part of the Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme