Exploring Addiction and Recovery with Changes UK

Funded by The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in 2015 we worked with a group of men and women from Birmingham-based recovery organisation, Changes UK, using theatre and film to explore the journey of addiction and recovery

Geese collaborated with Reel Access and Birmingham Repertory Theatre on this intensive 10 day project, providing participants with the opportunity to explore their own personal experiences and tell their story through film, animation and theatre with the hope of altering misconceptions around addiction.  The end of the project saw the group perform at Birmingham REP for an invited audience of 140 friends, family members and stakeholders from Changes UK and Geese.

Audience members commented that the performance had given them 'more empathy' and 'a better understanding' of the recovery process.

"Geese helped me to be part of something I thought I would never do"

"Geese were amazing"

We will soon be delivering a similar project at Reach out Recovery in Birmingham, collaborating with Fallen Angels Dance Company, Chris O'Connell and, again, with Birminagham REP