Women in the Community

Since 2012, Geese have been delivering regular projects with vulnerable women in the Birmingham community, working with organisations such as Crisis UK, Anawim Women’s Centre, WAITS in Birmingham and ARC in Dudley.

This specialist work, aimed at addressing the multiple and complex needs of women who are homeless, in recovery from addiction, recently released from prison and/ or survivors of gender-based violence, is delivered over 10 weeks by a Senior Geese Practitioner and our Project Coordinator, who has over 20 years' experience delivering groupwork with vulnerable women.

The use of theatre allows us to explore, discuss and problem solve issues relevant to the womens' circumstances and provides a supportive and safe space to work on interpersonal skills, such as confidence and self-esteem, and share experiences.

Since I’ve been doing Geese my self-esteem has grown like I had never dreamed.

Participant, Forward, Anawim Women's Centre