In the community

Thoroughly researched, theoretically rigorous groupwork interventions, which effectively address a variety of issues faced by vulnerable groups.

Since 1988 we have been developing highly effective groupwork interventions for addressing a variety of issues - some offence related and some related to issues faced by people with multiple and complex needs, such as addiction, homelessness and ill mental health.  Some of our projects are complete programmes of work and others are designed to form part of longer term programmes already being delivered in the community. Our programmes often explore life choices and encourage positive change and we pride ourselves on working in collaboration and consultation with community agencies in order that our input will augment and enhance ongoing work and will address the particular needs of the client groups.

View this short film to hear a recent participant talk about the value of being involved in a community project with Geese.


Examples of other recent projects include:

  • Partnerships with third sector organisations, such as Crisis UK and SIFA fireside, exploring issues faced by people who are homeless
  • Further creative projects with people who are in recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs
  • 10 week projects working with vulnerable women in a variety of community settings
  • Regular input on treatment programmes run by Community Rehabilitation Companies or the National Probation Service, such as the Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme and the Community Sex Offender Groupwork Programme
  • Long term project, in collaboration with Re-Live, for military veterans