Forensic Mental Health

Providing safe, creative opportunities for patients to explore their own identity, consider the roles they play and the impact of their behaviour on themselves and others.

Working in secure hospital settings has always been a key part of our remit and we have developed a number of different methods for engaging with patients.

Much of our work in forensic mental health is underpinned by a recovery model approach which foregrounds several key themes: hope, identity, meaning and responsibility. We strive to work collaboratively with patients, building positive relationships and focusing on goals and strengths rather than on pathology and illness.

Our projects in Forensic Mental Health settings tend to be designed in collaboration with hospital staff according to the particular needs of the institution or ward. Because of the nature of the work we prefer to build longer-term partnerships (four to sixteen weeks) rather than deliver one-off inputs.

Previous projects have explored a range of themes, including: identity, self-efficacy, choice, living together and moving on. We have also developed a flexible, responsive performance structure which enables us to create a bespoke theatre production depending on the nature of the patient group and the issues being explored.