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Participants gather outside SIFA Fireside for a photo Participants gather outside SIFA Fireside for a photo

Act Now – ‘Archie’s Choice’

A creative project delivered in partnership with SIFA Fireside.

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We have concluded the second year of Act Now, delivered in partnership with SIFA Fireside and supported by The National Lottery Community Fund. The latest project consisted of 9 creative sessions in which participants devised, scripted, performed and filmed “Archie’s Choice”, with the support of Geese’s Senior Practitioner, Dave and Practitioner Team Manager, Emma.

An audience gather at SIFA fireside to watch a film

‘Archie’s Choice’ was premiered at SIFA Fireside. Amongst the audience were those who created the film and their peers, as well as staff from both SIFA Fireside and Geese. One participant described the film as “delivering magic with a message”.

Participants gather outside SIFA Fireside for a photo

Dave explains, “The Act Now crew are always a pleasure to work with. After 2 years of creating theatre, we decided to try making a film together. The group was a mixture of people we have been working with for two years and brand-new starters. As the ensemble is so friendly and inclusive, we were able to get to work creating ‘Archie’s Choice’ straight away. The group became a full production company taking on roles like writer, actor, director and cameraman. We are all really proud of the film they created, not only is it funny and entertaining but it also explored some real-life issues that our audience connected with. A huge thanks to everyone at SIFA for helping us create ‘Archie’s Choice’ and the National Lottery for funding this vital work in Birmingham.’’

  • “This expressive programme allows others to step into something more than themselves through performance. I believe performance of a character outside your comfort zone enables a possibility to walk in better shoes.”

    – Participant
  • “It was fabulous to see the film at the premiere as a true marker of the creativity and commitment from the group at SIFA. In the reflections afterwards people talked a lot about how coming each week gave them a sense of purpose and got them out of their comfort zone. They also spoke of how much they enjoyed playing different roles and using their imagination to create a film exploring choice and consequence, a theme with relevance no matter who you are.”

    – Emma, Practitioner Team Manager, Geese
  • “It reminded me of the power of the creative process in enabling people to find hope, joy, and comradeship, even when living in vulnerable and precarious circumstances. Thanks to the staff at SIFA Fireside for supporting this work, to the National Lottery for funding the work, and to the participants for throwing themselves into the work so beautifully.”

    – Andy, CEO, Geese

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