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“Journey to Success”

Reflections on Staging Recovery's performance

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Staging Recovery performed their latest piece at the Underground, Cresent Theatre this December. They spent 15 sessions exploring issues around addiction, transitioning into adulthood and the challenges that come with it, as well as how we give and receive positive and negative messages. The ensemble consisted of new and previous members, some of whom had never performed previously.

Close up of ensemble member

The project started with a question: When was the first time that you realised you were an adult? From this the group created scenes exploring these moments and what they felt like, which raised more questions: When you realise you are an adult do you immediately know how to be? How do you fill in these gaps of knowledge? What does society tell you to do and what do you have to tell yourself? Journey to Success was an exploration of these questions.

Audience members remarked on the significance of this work, with one commenting, “this work is so important. It gives the performers and the audience a purpose and a voice, it allows thinking and engaging.”

“The group showed great honesty, insight and bravery throughout the project and this was shown in full force on the final day when the group took the stage as seasoned professionals and delivered an energetic and heartfelt performance, which didn’t just display the themes to the audience, but allowed them to feel every moment of loss, confusion, happiness and triumph.”

Daniel, Senior Practitioner

“The performance was dynamic, emotive and yet had great humour. We were incredibly proud of the group’s achievement and for putting on such a fantastic piece.”

Andrea, Participation and Inclusion Manager

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