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Geese Annual General Meeting

Members of the board give us their perspective.

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Earlier this month, we held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) with the Geese staff team, board members and members of the organisation. During these meetings, those present receive an overview of the organisation’s current position, including its finances, as well as the Chair’s Report. In this report, we share highlights of the working year, and this year we have asked members of the board to give us their perspective. Below, we hear from Clark (C) and Selwyn (S).

1. What do you enjoy most about your role on the board?

C: What I enjoy most is the collaborative and constructive conversations we have with the senior management team at our board meetings. Geese has reached a stage of real maturity in its development, with a wealth of talented and experienced people operating with great professionalism. I am also pleased to see the exciting recruitment of newer staff, who bring new skills and passion to the work of the company. I enjoy being a part of the conversation, and hearing about the many milestones the company continues to reach. It is a great pleasure to be on the board.

2. During the Chair’s Report, what highlights stood out to you?

S: Yes, the range and quality of the work stood out for me. In March 2020, when the extent of the pandemic was first becoming clear, it was unknown whether Geese would be able to continue. It is a great credit to everyone working for Geese that they adapted to the situation – and Geese has not only survived, it is thriving. The ongoing success of Staging Recovery is a highlight, as is the work in secure settings and the training provided to people working in the criminal justice system.

3. Is there anything that you are looking forward in the year ahead?

C: I look forward to seeing the company’s development of new work. One area of the company’s work that I find particularly engaging is the many facets of work in the community, for example with people who have experience of substance misuse, homelessness, or the criminal justice system. This work is at the heart of the company’s work, going right back to the 1980s, and I am so glad to see the work developing, improving and becoming more nuanced and artistically informed as the company grows and matures. There are many exciting times ahead for the company and all its participants and beneficiaries.   

Read the full interview with Clark and Selwyn in our newsletter.

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