Our History

Since 1987 the company has worked in more than 150 custodial institutions, with over 250,000 offenders and people at risk, delivered training to over 20,000 people and performed at 750 criminal justice and social welfare conference events.

Geese Theatre Company was established in the UK by Clark Baim, in 1987. Clark had toured extensively in the USA with the original Geese Theatre USA, a touring company established in 1980 by John Bergman. Geese Theatre USA visited hundreds of prisons and paved the way for a great deal of innovative arts-based work in America. Although the two organisations have been separate since 1997 we owe a debt of gratitude to John for providing the foundations on which much of our current work is built.

  • 10th June 1987 –  Geese’s first rehearsal – University of Warwick
  • 1987 – Geese delivers first ever performance at Rolfe Street Probation Centre, Smethwick, West Midlands
  • 25th January 1989 – Geese host the national Arts and Crime Conference – a national conference on the role of the arts in crime prevention and reducing recidivism – including performances by Geese Theatre Company, Clean Break and Motionhouse, with a keynote address from Ian Benson, Chief Education Officer for HM Prison Service.
  • 25th January 1994 – 40 minutes documentary 'Behind the Mask – a week in Risley prison with the Geese Theatre Company' was broadcast on BBC2
  • 11th April 1996 – Geese co-host the Second European Conference on Theatre and Prisons at Manchester University with TiPP and the Unit for Arts and Offenders, with a keynote speech from Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons, Judge Stephen Timmins
  • 1998 – Geese win the first ever Interactive Learning BAFTA for a CD-Rom version of their prison performance Lifting the Weight
  • 2001 – Geese awarded a Butler Trust Certificate for an innovative offending behavior programme in partnership with HMP Maidstone
  • 2002 – first publication of the Geese Theatre Handbook by Waterside Press
  • 2009 – Geese are awarded the Royal Society for Public Health’s Arts Award for their commitment to the mental well-being of offenders
  • 2013 - Geese are awarded the Royal Society for Public Health Arts and Health Award for a second time