Mission, Vision and Values


To create safe, crime-free communities and for the arts to be recognised as a powerful vehicle for individual and social change.


To use theatre and drama to enable choice, personal responsibility and change, amongst individuals who have offended, other vulnerable or marginalised groups, and those who work with them.

Our Values


We support and encourage the notion of personal responsibility.

Belief in change

Geese upholds and promotes a belief in the potential and possibility of individual change.


Every aspect of our work is grounded in robust evidence and theory to ensure the highest quality.

Artistic Excellence

Geese strives to develop and deliver theatre and drama practice of the highest quality to people and places with the least engagement in the arts.


Geese is continually developing new performances, projects and services for new audiences, offering alternative approaches to reducing offending.


Geese aims to create an ethos of collaboration and partnership, which values contributions from all members, employees, partners and clients (service users) in order that our work has the greatest impact.


Geese aims to treat all individuals with respect and to approach each other and those we work with in an inclusive and non-judgemental manner.