Methodology: A Drama-based Approach

We believe that theatre performance and drama are powerful and effective tools for inviting individuals to examine their own behaviour and acting as a catalyst for promoting personal development and change.

The main benefits of using theatre and drama are:

  • sessions are active and experiential – participants are ‘learning by doing’ which ensures that learning is more memorable and integrated than purely discussion based techniques
  • theatre provides opportunities for participants to actively explore situations closely related to their own life experiences
  • active engagement in sessions ensures that participants are able to challenge their own thinking by identifying with other perspectives and other people’s points of view
  • scene work and role play are problem solving tools: a means of actively finding new solutions and strategies to replace old behaviours and a forum to practise and rehearse new skills
  • programmes become accessible to all, regardless of literacy level
  • participants experience working positively within a group setting and are enabled to develop good relationships with other group members

Our experience suggests that our projects also: 

  • increase participants motivation to engage with other learning and development opportunities
  • create a positive buzz within the establishment, agency or community
  • offers participants a non-threatening and positive experience of the arts