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We are extremely grateful to the Arts Council and the trusts, foundations and grants which continually support our work. Without them we could not deliver life-changing theatre in criminal justice and social welfare settings. We are also lucky to have individual supporters who believe in the impact of our work.

If you'd like to join them and make an individual contribution, you can support us in the following ways:

You can sponsor one of our masks here. Our masks are pivotal to our work, and they are so unique we thought you'd enjoy choosing your favourite!

You can become a regular donor or make a one-off donation by contacting our Director of Fundraising and Partnerships:

You can also support us by purchasing our handbook here. It's packed full of practical exercises you can use if you'd like to use drama exercises in facilitation or groupwork, and gives you more information on our methodology.

We are so grateful to everyone who supports our work, whether this is through a donation or simply following our developments. Make sure you keep up to date on the work we deliver by following us on social media:

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