Sponsor a Mask

Geese Theatre Company uses theatre to encourage people to examine and understand their behaviour, promoting personal development and positive change.

When you Sponsor A Mask

You'll not only get a warm feeling from helping us to continue our important, life-changing work, you'll also enjoy:

A Geese mask badge
A thank you on our website and in our Annual Review
Regular updates about events, training courses and other Geese news
Invitations to special events
An annual summary to let you know where your mask has been!

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We use a range of different masks in our performances and workshops, working with the notion that everyone wears a mask at some time.

Audiences are invited to ask characters to 'lift their mask', and question them about the thoughts and feelings informing their apparent attitude or behaviour.

This technique helps audiences understand the distinction between external behaviours and internal thoughts and feelings, which can prove incredibly motivating for both audiences and group members.

When you Sponsor A Mask you are part of changing someone’s life by supporting one of our unique masks as it travels with us, taking part in performances and workshops across the country.