Reading List

A selection of key texts which are currently on our library shelf, some written by Geese, some written about Geese, and some we recommend.

Books, Chapters and Articles by Geese Theatre Company

Baim, Brookes, Mountford (Eds) - The Geese Theatre Handbook, Waterside Press

Bergman and Hewish - The Violent Illusion (in Liebmann, Arts Approaches to Conflict, Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

Farrall and Mountford - The House of Four Rooms (in Thompson (Ed), Prison Theatre Practices and Perspectives, Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

Hewish - Dramatic Improvisation (Cox (Ed), Shakespeare Comes to Broadmoor, Jessica Kinglsey Publishers)

Watson - The Drama of Change (in Mailout, October / November 2006)

Watson - Lift Your Mask! Geese Theatre Company in Performance (in Prentki and Preston (Eds) An Applied Theatre Reader, Routledge 2008)

Books which contain chapters on Geese Theatre Company

Balfour - The Use of Drama in the Rehabilitation of Violent Male Offenders, The Edwin Mellen Press

Moore, P - Acting Out: Therapy for Groups, Arena

Jackson - Theatre, Education and the Making of Meanings, Manchester University Press

The following is not an exhaustive list but a collection of some of the books on the Geese Theatre Company library shelves.


Balfour, Michael - Theatre in Prison, Intellect

Blatner, Dr A - Acting In - Practical Applications of Psychodramatic Methods, Free Association Books

Boal, Augusto - Theatre of the Oppressed, Pluto Classic

Chapman and Hough - Evidence Based Practice: A Guide to Effective Practice, Home Office

Gilligan, J - Violence: Reflections on our Deadliest Epidemic, Jessica Kingsley

Gilligan, J - Preventing Violence, Thames and Hudson

Goldstein, A - The Prepare Curriculum, Research Press

Johnson and O'Neil (Eds) - Dorothy Heathcote: Collected Writings on Education and Drama, Routledge

Holmes and Karp (Eds) - Psychodrama: Inspiration and Technique, Routledge

Jenkins, A - Invitations to Responsibility, Dulwich Centre

Jennings, S - Dramatherapy (Vol 1-3), Croom Helm

McGuire, J - Cognitive Behavioural Practice, Home Office

Miiler and Rollnick - Motivational Interviewing, Guildford

Salisbury and Jackson - Challenging Macho Values, Falmer Press

Stordeur and Stiller - Ending Men's Violence against their Partners, Sage

Novaco, R - Anger and Coping with Provocation, University of California

Ross and Fabiano, Time to Think, Inst. of Social Science and Arts Inc


Baim, Brookes, Mountford (Eds) - The Geese Theatre Handbook, Waterside Press

Bergman and Hewish - Challenging Experience, Wood and Barnes

Brandes, D - Gamesters Handbook (1&2), Hutchinson

Boal, A - Games for Actors and Non Actors, Routledge

Boal, A - The Rainbow of Desire, Routledge

Clifford and Herrman - Making a Leap: Theatre of Empowerment, Jessica Kingsley

Dynes, R - Creative Games in Groupwork, Winslow

Fine and Macbeth - Playing with Fire: Training for the Creative Use of Conflict, Youth Work Press

Jennings, S - Creative Drama in Groupwork, Winslow

Johnson, C - House of Games: Making Theatre From Everyday Life, NH Books

Johnson, K - Impro, Eyre Methuen

Novelly, M - Theatre Games for Young Performers, Meriwether

Poulter, C - Playing the Game, MacmillanRawlins and Rich - Look, Listen and Trust: A Framework for Learning through Drama, Nelson

Theodorou, M - Ideas that work in Drama, Stanley Thomas

Spolin, V - Theatre Games for Rehearsal, Northwestern University Press

Spolin, V - Improvisation for the Theatre, Northwestern University Press

Research and Evaluation Papers about Geese Theatre Company Projects

Reiss et al - Dramatherapy for mentally disordered offenders: changes in levels of anger, Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health 8

Blacker, Watson and Beech - A combined drama-based and CBT approach to working with self-reported anger aggression (in Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health 18 p129-137 (2008)). To view this article online visit: and enter 10.1002/cbm.686 in the search box.)

Harkins, Pritchard, Haskayne, Watson and Beech - An evaluation of Geese Theatre Company's Reconnect Programme