Introductory Workshop

A unique workshop in which we share a rare insight into our practice, answer specific questions, and provide a brief opportunity to experience Geese’s work.

Four times a year we host an Introductory Workshop in Birmingham. The sessions are particularly suited for:

  • Students researching prison theatre, Geese Theatre Company, the use of masks etc
  • Academics
  • Professionals interested in commissioning a Geese performance / project.

In more detail, the sessions may cover:

  • The history and development of Geese Theatre Company
  • Some of the theories which underpin our work
  • The different contexts in which Geese work
  • The role of evaluation
  • Masks and their role in Geese's work
  • Practical demonstration of exercises and theatre structures for group-work

In addition, individuals will be offered an opportunity to ask more specific questions pertaining to their own studies, interest or area of research.

The next scheduled workshop will take place at our offices in Moseley, Birmingham on Thursday 16th July.

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