The Barrow Cadbury Trust Story

Keshena Bowie

The next story is about one of our funders.  Clark Baim, the founder of Geese in the UK and current board member, remembers the first grant Geese received from a charitable trust:

“In the summer of 1987, I contacted the Barrow and Geraldine S. Cadbury Trust to apply for a grant to help get the company going. We received our first grant that autumn - I believe the amount was £2,500. In addition to being crucial to the early operations of the company, the grant provided credibility with other charitable trusts and with prisons and probation centres.  Based on this very early ‘stamp of approval’, we were in a far better position to approach other potential funders.

The Trust's financial support was combined with personal dedication and thoughtful advice,  which was crucial in those early days. I think this approach is a fine example of how charitable trusts can provide more than financial support, but also guidance and encouragement to fledgling charities such as we were back in those long ago start-up days.”

Barrow Cadbury Trust continues to support Geese Theatre Company and is currently supporting a 3 year programme of work with vulnerable women both in prison and in the community. 

Geese receives around 40% of its income from charitable donations and it allows us to test new ways of working, build new partnerships and reach more vulnerable and marginalised people.