Steve’s Story*

Keshena Bowie

I completed the Journeyman course in April 2016.  At that time I was going through a difficult period in my life.  I am an IPP (Indeterminate Sentence for Public Protection) prisoner who at that time was feeling hopeless.  The Journeyman course helped lift my spirits - the enthusiasm and genuine friendliness of the facilitators made my time on the course very enjoyable.

My confidence, which was gained during my time on the Journeyman course, helped me go on to complete 5 more courses back to back.

I have spoken to various other inmates who have done the course and they have told me that it has impacted on them in the same way.

I would like to say thank you to Daniel, Dan and Lou and everyone at Geese.

Steve* participated in the Journeyman course at HMP Hewell.  Journeyman is a 5 day programme of groupwork for men identified as being at risk of suicide or deliberate self-harm.  This week, we will be delivering the course to another group of eight participants at Hewell. 
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*not the participant's real name