Shay’s Story

Keshena Bowie

Shay has been a part of our community ensemble, Staging Recovery, for two years, having previously participated in a Geese project:

Adam, our drama teacher at Phoenix Futures, asked "who is interested in joining the upcoming Geese project ?" 10 of us volunteered, although we did not have a clue about what it would entail - "what`s Geese?" was the general reaction. Adam smiled and said "relax, just enjoy the experience". 

A few weeks later Emma, Liz, and Daniel arrived to begin the project, and after a day of ice breakers, role play and exploring a character behind the mask, I was already hooked on the Geese "experience". Fast forward 2 years and over that time I have had the privilege of being involved in Staging Recovery, rehearsing at the Birmingham Royal Ballet, doing workshops which included slapstick, mime, singing, stunt fighting, puppetry, dance and aerial rope stunts! All culminating in 2 full house performances at Birmingham Rep along with other performances at ACE dance, BVSC and Reach out Recovery. All this achieved by a guy who said "I don't do drama".

But in a short time I have discovered that drama can help increase my confidence, raise self esteem and self belief all while pushing my boundaries to the limit in a safe, positive, fun environment . So a big thanks to the whole Geese team but a special thanks to Andrea, Emma and Dan who have helped me achieve so many goals I never dreamed possible.               


Shay (in blue) performing at Birmingham REP, July 2017