Mark’s story

Keshena Bowie

Mark Ball is the Associate Artistic Director of Manchester International Festival, but started his own journey here at Geese...

Almost 3 decades ago my first job in the arts was as Geese Theatre’s very first Administrator.  It was the job that shaped me, not just because it gave me the organisational tools in finance, marketing, planning and fundraising to become a producer, but because it taught me the values of achieving things together as a team. Everything was run on shoestring, the pay was a pittance and working conditions could best be described as basic – on tours we all slept, cooked and ate on the company van.  And that life in the company, working with some of this country’s most difficult and damaged offenders, was often simultaneously hilarious, outrageous, shocking and humbling.  But it’s not the Geese anecdotes I reflect on from my time there.  After all these years, it’s the sense of comradery, of growing as people together, of a shared purpose where a bunch passionate young people who believed in the power of theatre to affect change made incredible work together. Great organisations understand that their agency comes from growing people and in everything it does Geese does that, and I shall be always be thankful for my own Geese journey.