Clark’s Story

Keshena Bowie

Throughout our 30 years, we have collected thousands of stories from people we have helped, worked with, supported or moved and we will be sharing 30 of them throughout the coming year. We hope that they bring back memories for some as well as inspiring others. 30for30 will highlight the voices of previous and current participants of our projects and performances, artists that we have collaborated with and, of course, company and Board members from thoughout the years.

To kick us off, our first story had to be from Clark Baim, founder of Geese Theatre Company UK:

On June 10th, 1987, we had our very first rehearsal in the drama studio at the University of Warwick near Coventry, England. Thirty years later, the Company, based in Birmingham, England are going stronger than ever, leaders in the field of applied theatre in criminal justice and related settings in the UK and beyond. It’s my great joy to now be on the Board of Trustees for the Company (a registered charity), after founding the UK Company and working there until 1999.

As I see the Company move from strength to strength under the Directorship of Andy Watson, I also reflect with gratitude and amazement at the many people who have committed so much talent, service, passion and creativity to the important work of using drama as a medium for promoting positive change in individuals, in institutions and in society. 

Would you like to be a part the story? There are many ways for you to be involved in our 30for30 campaign. You can donate £30, or what you can afford, by clicking here, or you can join our team of fundraisers and support our projects by entering your own personal challenge and making Geese your charity of choice. To get involved, please email