Engagement and CRC’s

Andy Watson

We were commissioned recently to develop a performance for a local Community Rehabilitation Company which would enable their entire staff team to think about their roles, especially in light of the split in Probation services which has come about as a consequence of the recent Transforming Rehbilitation agenda. Our performances for staff are designed to create spaces in which people feel able to have meaningful conversations, creating a forum in which complex questions can be debated openly. This piece also asked challenging questions about the nature of building relationships with people when time is limited; the value of communication as opposed to completing paperwork; how probation can work with the whole person, not just the bit of the person that has committed an offence; and how probation staff can be a pivotal component in the desistance journey. In addition, our brief was to motivate and enthuse the staff team about the value of their work. This morning we received feedback from the delegates: 

It was a creative approach that really forced the audience to think about their responses and the fact that it was brilliantly rehearsed, that so much work had gone into producing it; slick

What stuck out for me was the in-depth understanding of our roles, from lots of perspectives.

Fantastic. The way they portray staff and offenders was just spot on. 

It was the most interesting part of the whole day. I was really impressed by their knowledge of our terminology and what the service is going through. It made it more believable. 

Interactice and fun!

Very thought provoking...

Without exception, everyone enjoyed the presentation and above all, found it a very useful learning opportunity.