News: 30 for 30

Geese is Turning 30!

Keshena Bowie

On Saturday 10th June Geese Theatre Company reached a landmark anniversary: 30 years since the company's first rehearsal. Clark Baim, one of the founding company members and now on our Board of Trustees, shares this memory and attempts to name-check all past and present company members:

It’s throwback Saturday, friends: Celebrating 30 years of Geese Theatre Company UK. On June 10th, 1987, we had our very first rehearsal in the drama studio at the University of Warwick near Coventry, England. Thirty years later, the Company, based in Birmingham, England are going stronger than ever, leaders in the field of applied theatre in criminal justice and related settings in the UK and beyond. It’s my great joy to now be on the Board of Trustees for the Company (a registered charity), after founding the UK Company and working there until 1999.

As I see the Company move from strength to strength under the Directorship of Andy Watson, I also reflect with gratitude and amazement at the many people who have committed so much talent, service, passion and creativity to the important work of using drama as a medium for promoting positive change in individuals, in institutions and in society.

Huge credit and applause to the many people who have served in the Company over the past thirty years, including Ros Adams (current company member), Daniel Anderson (current), Mark Ball, Matthew Britton, Irene Brown, Liz Brown (current), Sally Brookes (former Director), Joe Butler, Simon Casson, Helen Cave-Smith, Andrea Cifuentes-Poseck (current), Vivienne Cole, Helen Couzens (current), Adrian Dakers, Hilary Dawson, Sue Deedigan, Alex Dower, Charlotte Drew, Katy Emck, Jackie Evans, Mark Farrall, Gavin Ferris, Bryan Foster, Camilla Gibbs, Yvonne Gregory, Katie Greenwood, Mario Guarnieri, Rosie Gunn, Kenneth Guy, Sandra Hall, Ryan Hamilton, Saul Hewish (founder member, former Director), Louise Heywood (current Director of Programmes), Victoria Lee, Mark Londesborough, Andy Marshall, Wendy Meakes, Tom Mellor, Stephen Morris, Una Morton (founder member), Alun Mountford, Jon Nicholas, Nena Nwankwo, Alison O’Connor, Daniel Pearce (current), Ian Pringle, Juliet Raynsford, Kerry Reidy (current), Mark Robinson, Simon Ruding (former Director), Rhiannon Sawyer, Emma Smallman (current), Tanya Smith, Shannon Smy (founder member), David Snook (current), Dominic Somers, Paul Stevens, Karen Sweeney, Jez Thomas, Patrick Tidmarsh (founder member), Ken Walker (founder member), Paul Wallis, Jon Watson, Lizzie Watt, Kerrie Williamson and Sarah Woodland. (I hope I haven’t left anyone out!)

Huge thanks also go to John Bergman for his inspiration and creative vision in starting Geese Theatre USA in 1980 in Iowa (later Chicago and New Hampshire) and for his ensuing work with the UK Company through the 1990s. Enormous thanks also to the dozens of ensemble members of Geese Theatre USA, who from 1980 to 1989 forged the basis of much of what was to follow. Thanks especially to USA company members Mike Bael, Dan Brown, Gift Harris, Shaun Landry, Ian Mackinnon, Jill Reinier, Scott Stevens, Ellen Stoneking, Tom Swift, Keith Whipple and the many other former members of Geese Theatre USA. Onward for another thirty!

Look out for details of our 30th anniversary events, coming up in the next few months.  To support Geese Theatre Company, please email or click here to sponsor a mask