Alison’s story

Keshena Bowie

Alison was a company member from 2002 to 2006.  Here's her story...

My time at Geese was the most extraordinary and exhilarating learning curve. As a wide eyed new member, for three weeks one freezing cold January I had the privilege of observing Alun work with men in Full Sutton Prison on “Insult to Injury”. I remember the care and skill Al displayed as the group trusted him with their stories, let down their masks and grieved for the loss of their youth, their freedom, their hope. His stillness and grace as he witnessed their pain will stay with me for a lifetime. I was hooked. Blown away by the power of this work, by the dignity of the process, the way it allowed vulnerability in the most brutal of places.
All the work I have done since has been shaped and informed by my learning at Geese. After Geese, I co-founded Re-Live, a life story organisation, and have been delighted to collaborate with Andy Watson on our work with veterans and families over the last few years, and to benefit from the expertise and wisdom of Clark as we developed our life story training programme.
For me, Geese was profound, challenging, heart-breaking and full of dark humour and resilience. Deep friendships made, tough lessons learnt, countless extraordinary experiences and memories.
I also met my husband there so thank you Geese in many ways!